The Barcham Family

Norfolk  and Suffolk Families

The descendants of Mary (née  Banfather) and Benjamin Barcham married into the Anthony, Fuller, Pegg, Sunman, Storey and Thursby families. They and their descendants lived in Sheringham, Aylmerton, Blakeney, Holt, Swardeston and Norwich. The descendants of Elizabeth (née Thompson) and Ezra Barcham lived in Paston, Burlingham, Catfield, Stalham, Southrepps and Norwich. This branch married into the Burton, Dawson, Fuller and Greensmith families.

The Pattles of Bury St Edmunds
The links between the Barcham and Pattle families are complex. Two brothers, William and Herbert Clarence, sons of Martha (née Smith) and
William Edwards Barcham of London, married two sisters, Emma Florence and Edith Emilie, respectively. Emma and Edith were the daughters of Rebecca and Henry Pattle of Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk. Thomas Pattle, Henry’s brother, and his wife Mary Ann emigrated to Australia in 1853. In 1925, at Wellington, New Zealand, Thomas Pattle’s granddaughter Edna Melva Pattle married her cousin, Sidney Herbert Barcham, son of Edith Emilie and Herbert Clarence Barcham. After visiting the website of the Pattle family, we contacted two members of the family who have provided us with more information about the Pattles of Suffolk.

The Edrich Family  – Cricketers
Elizabeth Barcham (b. 1863), the third child of Esther (née Morris) and Ezra Barcham, married Harry Edrich (b. 1862) the son of Harriet and William Edrich, a tenant farmer on one of the Borroughes estates near Lingwood. Elizabeth and Harry were married in 1889, and had nine sons and four daughters, founding a
dynasty of cricketers during an era when the popularity of cricket was at its highest in England. Harry played cricket for the Burlingham team, and had a reputation as a ‘demon bowler and formidable batsman’. His eldest son, William (Bill), played as a wicket keeper and batsman. The youngest daughter, Alice (Cis), captained the Norfolk Ladies cricket team. In the next generation, Bill’s four sons were cricketers: Eric Harry played for Lancashire; William (Bill) junior played for Middlesex; Geoffrey (Geoff) Arthur, born at Lingwood, Norfolk on 13 July 1918, was a batsman for Lancashire; and Brian Robert played for Kent. Their cousin, John Edrich, was a batsman for the England team.


Louisa Fuller married Robert Barcham of Paston

Geoff Edrich, great-grandson of Elizabeth Barcham