Some of you may have wondered how we were able to produce such a detailed and comprehensive family history in small quantities and for a reasonable price. The answers are manifold, but have much to do with time, tenacity, and technology.

The authors, Chris and Judith, are two family members who are both retired and have the time to devote to hobbies that they enjoy: Chris is an enthusiastic genealogist who has been tenaciously working on our family history for over 20 years, and Judith was formerly an editor who has become involved in a variety of desk-top publishing projects since acquiring her computer four years ago. They found out about each other by chance when they were both visiting New Zealand around the same time in 2002. Chris had left a copy of his Barcham files on a floppy disk with Judith's aunt. When she opened the files later at home, she was impressed with the wealth of information that Chris had gathered together. Judith realised that there was the potential for a book that would relate Barcham family history as a fascinating story, told within the context of the particular environments and times in which each generation had lived, much more than just a collection of genealogical data. What followed is now part of Barcham family history.

Digital technology allows small quantities to be printed without the high set-up costs of offset litho and other conventional printing processes. Ten, or even five, years ago the sophisticated software necessary for such a project was not available for home use. There are now printers who specialise in short runs for home-produced publications. And with e-mail, collaboration between the authors, even though they live on opposite sides of the 'pond', was simple, quick and cost-effective.

The Barchams of Edingthorpe has been priced on the unit production costs, plus the authors' expenses, mailing costs, and a small profit margin. There are no overheads, no royalties, and no freelance fees as all the origination work and admin has been done 'in house' on a voluntary basis. Unfortunately for overseas family members, one-third of the price is due to the high cost of mailing, but we hope those of you who purchased the first edition thought it was worth the additional expense. Some of the profit from the sales of The Barchams of Edingthorpe will be spent on the fee to maintain the website for several more years. However, after allowing for that, if by the end of 2004 we have a surplus, Chris and Judith have agreed that the Barcham Family will make a donation to an appropriate Norfolk charity.