The Barcham Family Tree keeps spreading. The task of updating the family trees has not kept up with the genealogical information sent by our correspondents, including the following distant relations who contacted Chris and Judith for the first time during the last twelve months. They have contributed many interesting facts about their forebears. In the following text, the various branches of the family are designated by:


Descendants of Bartholomew Barcham of Great Yarmouth (BwB)

Juler branch of North Walsham (JnJ)

William Barcham of Great Yarmouth and Mundesley (WmB)

John Barcham of Edingthorpe (JnB)

Benjamin Barcham of Sherringham (BnB)

Thomas Barcham (ThB)

Bircham/Burcham branch that that originated in the Norfolk village of Kirby Kane and subsequently lived in Great Yarmouth. (BBB): we are still trying to find where this branch springs from the trunk of the family tree.



Philip Juler, an émigré to Australia in about 1950 with his parents, is the grandson of Francis (née Mitchley) and George Juler, of Southwold, a clock and watchmaker.



Alison Glaze, a resident of Knapton researching men from the village who died in WWI sent information about Tom Colin Barcham who is named on the War Memorial and vital statistics of his parents and siblings who lived at Knapton Hall. In May Alison helped to organize a ‘Knapton Together’ weekend event which raised over ₤3000 for the lovely parish church, St Peter and St Paul, and the Methodist Church. She sponsored a display for the men who died in WWI and WWII.

Luke Barcham, grandson of Gwendolene and Leo Barcham. Leo’s grandparents were Mary and Richard Edwards Barcham who married in 1888 at Brisbane, where he received his Masters Certificate for Steamships in 1894. At present it is not known when Richard emigrated to Australia, and not much is known about his descendants except their vital statistics and that some of them live in Queensland.

John Sandford, a third-great-grandson of Henry Sandford and Mary Watson Stephenson of Great Yarmouth. Though not directly related to the Barchams, he provided some interesting genealogical information about the Sandford/Barcham branch.



Diane Pearce, great-niece of Alice May (Lane) the second wife of Thomas Edward Barcham, the veterinary surgeon, has happy memories of childhood holidays at ‘Barchams Farm’. When she was 15, Diane’s mother left school and went to help aunt Alice take care of her husband and his sister Kate Barcham (b. 1863, d. 1950).  After Tom’s death in 1948, Alice continued to live at ‘Barcham’s Farm’, maintaining the house and keeping the garden immaculate – with beautiful manicured lawns, a fig tree that still bears fruit, a black walnut and a blue gum tree, flower borders, and a greenhouse full of cacti, including Alice’s favorite ‘Granddad’: a prickly old desert cactus, and a massive grape vine. Despite her attachment to it, Alice sold the house and farm in 1969, but she was still living there when she died of a heart attack.

Margaret Hazel Barcham (née Duncanson) MacMillan is a cousin of Simon Barcham Green, the former owner of Hayle Mill at Loose, near Maidstone, Kent. Margaret emigrated to New Zealand in 1973, where she married, and now lives with her husband and son raising sheep and cattle on a 700 acre farm near Okaihu, in the Northland district.



The following are all descendants of Susan Ann (née James) and James Barcham or related to them by marriage.

Colin Harrington, great-grandson of John Connor (or Cannon) Barcham, who lived in Stepney, London. In June, Colin and Chris met in Reading and exchanged copious notes.

Stella Butler, a granddaughter of Sarah Hamilton and Frank Edward Augustine Barcham who lived in Stepney and Bethnal Green, London, during the first three decades of the 20th century, districts where numerous Barcham families were living. Neither Colin nor Stella knew each other before Chris introduced them. They are second-cousins. Stella has also been in touch with another second-cousin Ann Matthews. All of them are descendants of Rosina Jemima (née Bell) and John Cannon (or Connor) Barcham, who had fourteen children, ten of whom are known: the other four may have been infants when they died.

Melissa Marie (née McCullough) Stevenson, is a great-great granddaughter of William Maitland Ellis, who was born at sea aboard the Maitland sailing to Australia in 1840. Through William’s brother James, Melissa is an in-law first-cousin twice removed of two Barchams: the late Ivy Burnett (née Ellis) who married Paul Barcham of Napier, New Zealand; and the late. Marion Isabel Barcham (née Sloane) Adolphson. The latter’s granddaughter Susan Hill was caught in the devastating bush fire in Victoria last year while Melissa Stevenson was only a few miles away on the other side of the flames. At that time neither of them knew each other. Such are the ways distant relations are brought together on this crowded small planet called Earth!

There are several limbs of this branch that we know very little about at present. We would like to hear from direct descendants of Marianne (Barcham) and Robert Powell; Mabel (née Barcham) and John Anderson; and members of the Libbis/Tulubieff branch – descendants of Emiline (née Libbis) and James Barcham of Great Yarmouth.



Terry Orford, whose paternal grandmother was Anna Lavinia Bircham [sic] contacted us through the website. We put him in touch with his once removed  second-cousin cousin Phil Burcham . They are working together to find the link with the Barcham Families of Great Yarmouth. It appears we have to go back to the children of Susan (Eades) and Joseph Bauchn (see Early Barchams)